2 Countries that absorb more Greenhouse gases than they emit

It's really great to hear that there are places which don't contribute to the current Climate Crisis.

We were quite surprised at these two countries, however we can all give them a clap for doing so well given how the rest of the World currently is.

The only two countries in the world, which absorb more greenhouse gases than they emit, are:

The Kingdom of Bhutan - a Buddhist Kingdom in South Asia

Tiger's Nest - Buddhist Temple in Bhutan  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

Tiger's Nest - Buddhist Temple in Bhutan


The Republic of Suriname - an old Dutch Plantation colony

Suriname - an old dutch plantation colony  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

Paramaribo, in Suriname - Copyright: FrankvandenBergh

We believe that more places in the world should follow their example! You can even start doing your bit today!

Try making a Green Change and #DoYourBit for our Planet!

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