A new Green 2021, a new Groovy trend!

Happy 2021 - The Green 'N' Groovy team wish you a very happy New Year and hope that it's at least a tiny bit better than 2020!

With 2021 here, we have a few sustainability trends for you to investigate and watch out for...


Graphite (left) and diamond (right), two allotropes of carbon  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

We've all heard of the term "Carbon Footprint" (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by the activities of something/someone), but what about the Carbon Footprint of a whole Country? Currently our World's objective is to hopefully achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

In 2021 specifically, there is no doubt that we'll see multiple organisations transitioning to become more sustainable and resource-friendly. Not only does this cut costs for businesses in the long-term, many businesses are being offered benefits directly from Governments around the world to help make this change.

However, it's not just about businesses changing, consumers like yourself need to also help contribute to a swift & just Carbon transition.

Currently, the top 3 industries which produce the most carbon are:

  1. Energy (Electric, Heating, Transport)
  2. Agriculture (Farming)
  3. Land use change (Deforestation)

Energy is the hottest topic, as it contributes the most to our Carbon Emissions - however the World is making remarkable progress in improving our energy efficiency! Ranging from emerging technology in electric vehicles to new data capture techniques, you can be sure that some of the World's smartest people are working on everyday solutions that will help us go Green!

Within the Agriculture sector, new carbon capture techniques are being developed every day - a cool example of this is Walker's crisps cutting their manufacturing process' Carbon Emissions by about 70% - Veganism is also becoming a popular lifestyle choice, which positively impacts our societies attempts to lower our Carbon Emissions by growing more plants and less farmed animals.

Land use change AKA deforestation is something we at Green 'N' Groovy feel very strongly about. That's why we have joined the #OneTreePlanted foundation in helping them on their quest to plant new trees!

Tearing down forests around the World has got to stop! Not only are we taking away the lungs of the World, we're also destroying whole eco-systems and the biodiversity of our Planet is in trouble. This leads us onto our next topic below, Biodiversity.


Biodiversity web  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

With climate change already effecting us, we often don't stop to realise the impact that this has already had on the Biodiversity of our World. At this moment in time, around 1,000,000 plant and animal species are at an endangered status around the Globe. 

In recent years we've lost the Chinese paddlefish due to habitat fragmentation, the Indian Cheetah due to desertification and even the Indo-Chinese tiger to hunting and poaching.

We all need to work together to ensure we look after our Planet properly!

Biodiversity is definitely something each of us can contribute to. The simple act of stopping littering could save the life of an animal. Every day items such as cigarettes, plastic bags and straws can easily wind up in places where they're directly detrimental to our environment; A Sea Turtle could choke on a plastic bag thinking it's a Jellyfish. Cigarette buds leach toxic chemicals into our environment and contaminate our water.

You could easily make a positive change today - such as try switching to using bio-degradable shopping bags, or even a reusable one. It doesn't have to cost money to be eco-friendly - you just need to be conscious of the impact you have on our environment and want to #DoYourBit!

Remember, even spreading the word to your friends or family is enough to save hundreds, if not thousands of animals alone.

Our Oceans

The sustainable ocean economy  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

About 70% of our Earth's surface is water. We need to utilise this amazing liquid with efficiency for us to be able to truly benefit from it.

Recently, leaders of Australia, Canada, Chile, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Palau and Portugal have committed to sustainably manage nearly 30 million sq km of their national waters by 2025 (Ocean Panel)

If this astounding goal is accomplished, the commitment could help produce as much as six times more food from the ocean (through various sustainable methods) and even generate x40 more renewable energy and to help millions of people out of poverty!

Now while the above may be large-scale tasks, each of us as an individual has a responsibility to help out!

A simple and easy one is to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Not only will this save you money, it'll also reduce your Carbon Footprint. What about having a shower instead of a bath, walking instead of driving, turning off all the lights in the house? Honestly, there are a plethora of opportunities you can take which will make the world a Greener and Cleaner place!

Hopefully there are some new ideas in the pipeline which we can use in our everyday lives and we'll talk about New Technology in the next topic below.

New Technology

New green technology ideas  - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

We know we're experts in sharing ideas, adapting to and creating new technology. New advances in the tech sector for a clean, green Earth are vital for us to progress and start fighting Climate Change properly.

Processes such as carbon capture/data technology will be vital in monitoring the impacts of climate change and help to accelerate the World's use of renewable energy sources.

New battery technology driven by the Electric Vehicle market will help us store more Energy and for longer. Advancements in science, such as fusion power,  Nanotechnology and even Hydrogen revolutions will boost our capabilities far beyond anything we could have though possible. Even the efficiency of phones, laptops, computers should slowly increase.

We just need to stay positive and be open to change - something like installing a Solar Panel on your home as a backup isn't only beneficial to you, it's beneficial to the Planet.

There is no planet B   - Green 'N' Groovy Bamboo Blog

At the end of the day, this is all our Planet and there's no mistaking it cannot be replaced. Our final message to you is that we're all a part of it, please carry out your own research into these topics so you can learn more and hopefully join us in the #DoYourBit movement so you can help spread the world.

All in all, for 2021 there's still a lot of other Trends that we are sure will pop up - feel free to comment below some of the things you think we might see in this coming year!


  • cultivation is key!

  • “Biodiversity regulates fundamental processes, such as soil formation and water-, trace-gas-, and nutrient cycles and thus contributes notably l to regulating the climate. The continued loss of biodiversity makes humankind face ecological, social, and economic problems.” – https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/12/201208111634.htm


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