COVID-19's impact on worldwide emissions

COVID-19 Virus microscopic view


During the COVID-19 crisis which began earlier this year, many countries enforced lockdown to help curb the spread.

Estimates suggest that global greenhouse gas emissions fell roughly 10 to 30 percent during April 2020!

Unfortunately, even in a scenario in which the pandemic lasts through 2021, this won’t have much of a lasting effect on climate change - unless we all make changes to our lifestyle today.

“The fall in emissions we experienced during COVID-19 is temporary, and therefore it will do nothing to slow down climate change,” however, also mentioned that we could have “a turning point if [..] focus on a green recovery, helping to avoid severe impacts from climate change.” 

- Corinne Le Quéré, climate scientist at the University of East Anglia, England

CO2 aka Carbon Dioxide can last for a long time in our atmosphere, making record keeping of CO2 levels difficult for us to keep a track of when changes occur. So, instead a smart bunch of researchers looked at what drives those emissions - the movement of people.

Using anonymous mobile phone mobility data released via Apple and Google, they managed to track changes in consumer activities like driving or shopping.

We at Green 'N' Groovy believe that if we can all start sensibly shopping online, this will definitely have a major impact in the way that we can help curb climate change!

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