E-scooters - a waste of time? or a green life-line?

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A hot debate topic lately has been the use of electronic scooters (commonly referred to as e-scooters) as a green travel alternative to other methods of transport.

Being electric, the scooters generate next to no pollution and have a direct carbon emission of zero - however are they really eco-friendly?

There aren't too many studies on e-scooters, and some may be biased so take the results of studies with a pinch of salt.

Lime - a famous and popular e-scooter app - have estimated that .."our riders have avoided 15 million miles (24 km) of car travel and prevented 6,220 metric tons of carbon emissions" over a two-year period.

As a comparison, 1 person in the US could potentially emit 1 metric ton of carbon every 2 weeks - in our opinion, this new technology of electric vehicles is most definitely worth continuing research on.

That being said. it's clear we can see that using electric scooters will have a direct impact on carbon emissions, however what about their recyclability or use period?

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carbon emissions by transport

On average dock less e-scooters (the majority of branded e-scooters you see lying around on the streets that you can access using phone apps) last around 1-5 months, depending on level of use, weather/exposure etc.

A privately owned e-scooter lasts around 1-3 years (with proper care and maintenance) which is a decent amount of time.

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The question we have to ask is, where do these big companies send their scooters to once they're no longer usable?

You would think that they recycle them, but there's been a lot of controversy, even one e-scooter company called 'Skip' alleged that other e-scooter competitors were dumping their old unusable scooters into landfills.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do to change how large companies deal with their waste.

However, what we can do as a community is spread the message that we should continue to look at sustainable eco-friendly alternatives and each of us are individually able to decide to use eco-friendly products.

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