How can you fight plastic pollution? Green 'N' Groovy steps to take

1. Recycling - you can easily help fight plastic pollution by reducing the amount of plastic you throw away. Make sure to recycle that plastic coke bottle, or put that metal tin into the correct bin! 

Plastic pollution is a problem that will require everyone's help to deal with. Do your bit today. #DoYourBit

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Child recycling and planting trees

2. Cut down on waste - as simple as this might sound, it's actually quite intricate. Every decision you make, from what you wear, to what you eat and drink can have an indirect environmental impact on our future environment.

Try using local products to reduce your carbon footprint, have a shower instead of a bath and don't accept that plastic straw from your favourite fast-food takeaway!

There are hundreds of easy ways to contribute to fighting climate change and pollution of our environment, you can easily start today by switching off the lights, walking somewhere instead of driving or even reading a book instead of watching the TV.

Say no to plastic straws

3. Respect the Environment - when you travel or go somewhere, the feeling of adventure ignites your bones. You live for the feeling of freedom and the beauty of nature. Respect nature by not littering whilst travelling and using eco-friendly products which don't harm the environment, everyone can make an easy mistake of misplacing something, but if you're using something bio-degradable, at least nature won't be harmed for your mistake!

Even famous actor Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat respects the environment.

Ali G Respect the Environment

4. Spread the word - not everyone knows about these changes, not everyone cares about these changes - but the more we talk about the subject, the closer we'll be to uniting the world to a greener and better place!

There is no planet B - protect the environment Green 'N' Groovy

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