Our Superhero fighting Climate Change

World renown superstar Robert Downey Jr. (aka Ironman) has taken a step forward in leading the future battle on sustainability!

Ironman lifting hand


The actor has recently been looking into how to revolutionize areas like Transport, Energy and Consumer Products for the greater good.

One of the main reasons he started on this Green Journey is because like many people around the world, he's also been a victim to Climate Change.

In 2018 Malibu, he was fighting fires, using a hose to assist his neighbour whilst their house was on fire!

We encourage you to take a look at the recent recent fund he's setup: https://www.footprintcoalition.com/ - this just goes to show that he's not only a superhero in the movies, he's our very own real life Climate Change Superhero!

Overall this is excellent news for the World, the more people that fight for Climate change the quicker we shall achieve results.

We hope this inspires a few of you out there to also commit to easy Climate-positive steps to reduce your own Carbon Footprint!

And if you are already taking part in the #DoYourBit movement, then thank you from all of us at Green 'N' Groovy!

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