Is Bamboo safe and sustainable?


Bamboo is an extremely sustainable plant. Experts say that Bamboo can grow 90% quicker when compared to other trees!

This makes it a super sustainable plastic alternative, due to its expert natural renewing properties.

Bamboo development reduces pollution. Bamboo plants reduce up to 35% carbon dioxide in the climate and deliver more oxygen. Bamboo roots help control erosion as it makes a water barrier - developed countries use bamboo as a defensive component for their crops and villages from washing away ceaselessly.

And as a plus, plastic never gets a chance to harm our environment!

Human use of plastic has spiked within the last decade. It influences our culture, our society, our environment and even our economy!

How you might ask? Well, see some plastic facts below:

  • It can take up to 300 years for a plastic straw to degrade and even then, it pollutes our water & earth.
  • England's plastic bag usage has decreased by 80%.
  • Humans have been using plastic since 1907.
  • You could be fined $40,000 for even using plastic in Kenya!
  • 50% of plastic we create is never reused or recycled.
  • Every year over 8 billion kilograms of plastic ends up in our Ocean.
  • Over 100 million plastic bags are used every day in the world.
  • Over 370 million tonnes of plastics are produced globally each year.
  • Bioplastics is an emerging technology for plastics.
  • Most of the garbage in the ocean comes from Asian countries.
  • Manufacturing plastic requires the use of fossil fuels (such as oil and gas), which further increase our planet’s carbon emissions!
  • Industries have relied on plastic for its cheap cost and longevity.
  • Many countries already banned the use of disposable plastic bags.
  • Up to 8 million tones of plastic enter the ocean every year.


So why do people continue to use it? We believe that it's our job to help spread the word, that there are viable alternative products out there, which consumers should have easy access to.

Every single straw that's been produced since the 1930s still exists on the planet.

Please take a look below at our alternative eco-friendly product, the 'Eco-friendly Bamboo Straw!'


Bamboo Straw Set with Cleaner

Eco-friendly Bamboo Straw!

Bamboo straws are not only an excellent replacement for a plastic straw, it's one of the best items you can use it at almost any time! You could go camping, relax at home or even use it whilst you're on a trip!

As always it's better to take something with you that is biodegradable so that you don't misplace it and it stays in the world for another 299 years.

That's why if you go anywhere, you should definitely keep some bamboo straws handy.

And if not, then just drink it without! As long as you don't use plastic!


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