Plastic particles invade the Arctic

Arctic ice with micro plastics in

Even the Arctic Circle is affected by the decisions that consumers around the world make.

Scientists have been shocked at the amount of plastic particles that have been found - more than 10,000 per litre!

We aren't exactly sure of how they got there, however the more plastics we create and use, the worse it will get!

This is just one of the reasons our aim is to contribute to the reduction of plastic use around the globe.

One of the ways you can fight against this plastic plague is to convert to using biodegradable items, such as Bamboo or other organic materials which are sustainably sourced.

If we all make a change in the way we live our lives, we can put an end to Plastic Pollution and create a greener future for the world.

Try make a difference by using some Green 'N' Groovy items from our online shop, where we stock sustainable eco-friendly green products.


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