Stop using these COVID masks now!

Surgical disposable masks.

We probably have all used these masks at least once during the COVID-19 outbreak, take a look below and see if this looks familiar to you:

COVID-19 Mask


Unfortunately, these types of disposable masks are being produced at an unprecedented rate. The UN trade body reports global sales of disposable masks will total some $166 billion this year, compared from $800 million in 2019.

To put this in simple terms, if masks costed $1 to manufacture, this would mean around 165 billion additional masks were produced this year alone.

Do we really need that many? Imagine it this way, that's a total of 20 masks per person per year, but these are surgical masks that need to be disposed of after every use! This would mean you could only be in public settings 20 times a year!

This needs to stop.

To match demand, increasing the production of these facemasks is unsustainable and will have a severe impact on our environment.

Continuation to use these types of masks in public should be banned, due to their purpose being one-time surgical use and not a washable mask with a replaceable filter.

That's why we highly recommend you take a look into finding yourself a comfortable, washable mask that you can re-use, with replaceable filters in order to help keep our environment clean and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

Not only will this prevent unnecessary waste, but it'll grant easier access for these particular masks to surgeons & medical staff and prevent shortages within hospitals and medical settings.

#DoYourBit today and get a safe, reliable and greener alternative, simply click on the below images to take a further look.


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