Our Pledge

Climate Change is a real issue and we need action from everyone who lives on Earth! 🌎 

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Green 'N' Groovy

We are an aspiring Global Brand that is focused on bringing sustainable, eco-friendly and green products to consumers around the World.

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We strive to always select green, clean reusable materials that have much less environmental impact than items such as single-use plastics.

🎯 Our goals are; to spread the word about sustainability! 🎯
🎯 Encourage you to do your own research and think about helping! 🎯

🎯 To protect the planet we inhabit!🎯

Our pledge is to stand tall and source a growing range of goods to help  reduce the consumption of plastic.


We also commit in various different ways to reducing our carbon footprint. We run our 'Bamboo Blogs' which try to help educate those who want to learn more, while striving to provide sustainable world-wide shipping to all of our users, regardless of where they might be located on our Planet!
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To encourage you to #DoYourBit for nature, we also pledge to match any donation made on our site to the 'One Tree Planted' foundation, on our quest to plant 1 million trees and assist with World reforestation!

We absolutely love working with suppliers all over, who use locally sourced materials to create environmentally friendly goods, for the greater good. As a online eco-friendly shopping platform, we research the products we use so you can feel safe knowing that they're a lot friendlier than other alternatives!

If you're a supplier and are interesting in working with us, please email us at support@greenngroovy.net!


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